Canva AI-Powered Tools: Revolutionizing B2B Visual Designs

Canva has made a significant mark by introducing a suite of AI-powered tools aimed at enhancing business operations. Their latest campaign, “What Will You Design Today?”, showcases the innovative Magic Studio suite, demonstrating how these tools are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses.

This blog explores Canva’s strategic approach to B2B, highlighting the features, benefits, and real-world applications of their AI-powered tools.

Canva’s B2B Transformation: A Quick Overview

Canva, known for its user-friendly design platform, has made a robust entry into the B2B space with its Visual Suite. Launched 18 months ago, Visual Suite has significantly contributed to the company’s growth.

With monthly active users doubling to 170 million and paying subscribers quadrupling to 16 million, Canva’s B2B strategy is evidently successful.

This growth is supported by their expanding range of enterprise tools and AI capabilities designed to enhance productivity and creativity across various business functions.

Introducing Magic Studio: The Heart of Canva’s AI Innovation

At the core of Canva’s latest campaign is the Magic Studio suite, a collection of AI-powered tools that have been in development for over two years.

Magic Studio includes several groundbreaking technologies aimed at simplifying and enhancing the design process:

  • Generative AI Technologies: Tools like DALL-E and Imagen allow users to generate high-quality images from text prompts, revolutionizing the way visuals are created.
  • Magic Write: This tool helps users create on-brand text at scale, ensuring consistency and saving time.
  • Visual Editing Tools: Tools such as Magic Eraser, Background Remover, Magic Morph, and Magic Animate enable users to clean up images and add effects effortlessly.
  • Magic Edit: Allows users to edit images using short written prompts, making the editing process intuitive and accessible.

These tools are designed to cater to enterprises, small businesses, individual creators, and educators, offering flexibility and scalability through three main pricing plans: Canva Free, Canva Pro, and Canva for Teams.

A Unique B2H Approach

Canva’s strategy in the B2B market is distinctive, described by Executive Creative Director Cat van der Werff as “B2H” (Business-to-Human). This approach emphasizes maintaining Canva’s playful and unique brand voice while tailoring the messaging to address the needs of key decision-makers.

The focus is on showcasing the ease-of-use, visual impact, time-saving, and cost-reducing benefits of Canva’s tools. This human-centric approach ensures that the campaign resonates with professionals on a personal level, even within a corporate context.

Real-World Applications: Bringing Magic Studio to Life

The “What Will You Design Today?” campaign illustrates practical use cases for Magic Studio tools, showing how they can be utilized by various teams within an organization. Here are some scenarios:

  • Marketing Teams: Use Magic Write and image generation tools to create compelling marketing content quickly.
  • Creative Teams: Leverage the visual editing tools to enhance images and videos, ensuring high-quality outputs.
  • HR Departments: Utilize Canva’s design tools to create engaging onboarding materials and internal communications.
  • Sales Teams: Design impactful presentations and documents that can be customized effortlessly.

By demonstrating these applications, Canva positions its tools as essential for collaboration and efficiency across different departments.

Comprehensive Campaign Strategy

The campaign kicks off in the U.S., targeting professionals through a mix of social media, digital ads, TV, and out-of-home advertising in key markets like New York and California.

Out-of-home ads, including transit and office building placements, are strategically designed to reach professionals in their work mindset, as explained by Frank J. Cortese, Canva’s global head of brand media.

This multi-channel approach ensures maximum visibility and engagement among the target audience.


Canva’s innovative approach to B2B with AI-powered tools marks a significant evolution in how businesses can leverage creative technology.

The Magic Studio suite, with its array of powerful and intuitive tools, showcases Canva’s commitment to enhancing productivity and creativity.

By focusing on a human-centric approach and demonstrating real-world applications, Canva is effectively positioning itself as a valuable partner for businesses looking to streamline their design processes and achieve greater efficiency.

As Canva continues to roll out its campaign, the company is set to further solidify its position in the B2B market, offering solutions that are not only powerful but also accessible and user-friendly.