Google Introduces New AI Ad Tools at Google Marketing Live: Revolutionizing Digital Advertising

Google Marketing Live 2024, held in New York, unveiled a plethora of groundbreaking AI-powered tools and ad experiences set to transform the digital advertising landscape.

These innovations promise to enhance how advertisers create and optimize ads while providing users with more engaging and personalized experiences.

Let’s dive into the key highlights and what marketers can expect from Google in the coming months.

A new era in search advertising

One of the standout features introduced is a revolutionary search ad experience.

Currently in testing and expected to roll out widely later this year, this new tool assists users in making complex purchase decisions. By leveraging additional user-provided information, such as photos, Google can offer highly tailored recommendations.

For example, if a user is searching for a nearby storage facility, they can upload images of their belongings. The AI will then suggest storage options with the appropriate dimensions, ensuring a personalized and efficient solution.

To access this feature, users will see a prominently marked sponsored ad with a blue button, directing them to a page where they can upload images and receive personalized recommendations.

Enhanced brand profiles

Google also announced the introduction of new brand profiles in search results, built from data provided by merchants in the Google Merchant Center.

Inspired by the Business Profiles on Google Search and Maps, these profiles cater to a significant portion of shopping queries—over 40%—that mention specific brands or retailers.

This enhancement allows brands to showcase their identity more effectively and engage with consumers directly through search results.

Performance Max creative controls

Advertisers will soon benefit from new creative controls in Performance Max campaigns.

By uploading brand guidelines, such as fonts, colors, and image references, advertisers can leverage advanced AI models to automatically generate on-brand asset variations.

This feature simplifies campaign management while ensuring consistency with the brand’s identity.

Performance Max campaigns, which utilize Google’s entire ad inventory, will become even more powerful with these new controls, enabling advertisers to scale their creative efforts effortlessly.

Advanced image editing capabilities

Google is enhancing image editing tools for retailers advertising through the Google Merchant Center.

These new capabilities, powered by Google AI, allow marketers to experiment with adding new objects to existing creatives and extending backgrounds to fit various formats.

The aim is to create more visually appealing ads that can be used across all digital platforms, not just Google channels.

These tools enable marketers to update and improve existing creatives by adding eye-catching backgrounds and other elements, making ads more engaging and effective.

Immersive Shopping Ad experiences

Google is set to roll out new immersive ad formats in Shopping ads, including 3D spinning ads and virtual try-on capabilities.

These features allow users to rotate products 360 degrees and virtually try on apparel items. For example, a shoe ad might support full rotation, while clothing ads enable virtual try-ons for customers of all body types.

Later this year, advertisers will also be able to include product videos, summaries, and recommendations for similar products within the ad format.

These enhancements aim to provide a richer user experience, bridging the gap between digital and physical retail environments.

AI overview integration

In a significant move, Google announced plans to integrate search and shopping ads within the AI Overview feature. Following the recent introduction of Gemini-powered AI Overviews in search, this feature is currently being rolled out in the United States and will soon be available globally.

According to Vidhya Srinivasan, VP and GM of Ads at Google, AI Overviews have led to users visiting a broader range of diverse websites, increased search activity, and higher satisfaction with search results.

This integration underscores Google’s commitment to leveraging AI to create more dynamic and effective advertising experiences.

Why these innovations matter?

Google’s new AI tools and ad formats address two critical areas where generative AI is poised to make a substantial impact:

Transforming search behavior

AI-powered responses in AI Overviews are changing how users search for information. Users are engaging in longer, more conversational searches, resulting in more relevant and satisfying results. Sponsored ads will appear when appropriate, clearly marked to ensure transparency.

Scaling creative efforts

Generative AI helps advertisers scale their content creation by automatically generating ad variations that adhere to brand guidelines. This capability allows for more personalized and relevant ads at various touchpoints, ultimately improving campaign performance.

Moreover, these AI advancements make measurement more intuitive, enabling marketers to ask natural language questions to Google Analytics and receive actionable insights to optimize their campaigns.


Google’s latest innovations, introduced at Google Marketing Live, are set to revolutionize the digital advertising space.

From personalized search ad experiences and enhanced brand profiles to powerful image editing tools and immersive shopping ad formats, these AI-powered tools offer marketers new ways to engage with consumers and drive better results.

As these features roll out, advertisers can look forward to a future where ads are more personalized, engaging, and effective, ultimately transforming the digital marketing landscape.